A group show from three contemporary Sydney artist responding to the theme.  Exposed

Christophe Domergue Website


Pick, prep, push, pull and peel.  Christophe creates two-dimensional artworks from urban and industrial spaces. His works are stories of places drawn from the nostalgia of his childhood in the 80s and 90s, playing in urban sites of decay.  Now he is the urban archaeologist; as he digs through the layers of time, scratching and casting our city streets, to expose what lies beneath. 



Hal Witney Instagram


The distinction between our public and our private self is a fine line; as we play with the facades.  Hal explores what it means to remove our masks; he pushes to expose the truth of identity, to build connection through expression and develop the confidence to 'expose' self to the world.


Louis Pratt Website


Louis presents his latest sculptural works which he calls psychological sculptures. He says “I want these works to expose complex emotions, that take time to unpick and are hard to say out loud”. As with most of Pratt’s work these sculptures are a mix of high-tech digital tools with old fashion hand modelling.