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Louis Pratt is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist renowned for his works in sculpture and video. His art primarily revolves around big data and climate change, which he perceives as the major challenges of our era. Pratt has gained significant acclaim as a leading Australian contemporary artist who has pioneered the use of new technologies for sculpture production.  His sculptures have received numerous prestigious awards and are presented in both private and public collections.


Pratt graduated with first-class honours in sculpture from the School of Art, Australian National University, in 2002. He also received an Australian Post-Graduate Research Scholarship from the College of Fine Art, University of NSW, which he completed in 2004. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD in Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Technology in Sydney, supported by a post-graduate scholarship. Recently, Pratt published a paper in the M.I.T journal, Leonardo, presenting his innovative research on the production of anamorphic sculpture.

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